We’ll be right back. Kinda the same, but kinda different – End of 2019

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Good day to you fine Sir, how do you do Madam?

You may fall into a small class of people who find themselves wondering where in the name of Winston Churchill did the The Daily Gaming News Show go?

It’s more likely that you are amongst the overwhelming masses who’s never heard of any such thing.

Well, as you can probably tell, the show has not been produced in a couple of months. This is due to some very poor podcast hosting, crappy customer service, and some broken code on the website’s underbelly.

This will be addressed as soon as possible, however we feel that until few things have changed, namely some new equipment and a change of location, there isn’t much point pushing for daily content that isn’t polished and up to the standards our listeners deserve.

When the show recommences, there will be some additions such as a YouTube version of ever episode, along with a weekly special hosted by Geegs, Justin, and your’s truly. This will be something worth checking out. Trust me.

Until then, you can expect a bunch of video game reviews, YouTube creations, and random gaming junk to be coming back to Loot Reviews with a vengeance.

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