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Subdivision Infinity is an immersive and pulse pounding sci-fi space shooter featuring stunning graphics and tight spaceship game play. Hunt down and destroy enemy spacecraft, crush capital ships, mine asteroids for rare minerals, and find blueprints to craft amazing new vessels!

Drawing from classic NES and arcade-style titles, Blowfish Studios and Mistfly Games have created a cracking combat shooter that has been warped into the modern gaming era with the cosmos in the background and dozens of ships and upgrades to dominate the stars. 


With the ability to fly in any direction in an eye-catching environment with over 40+ levels, Blowfish allows you to take on the role of the imaginatively named Rebel 1 as he’s tasked with investigating a station that has gone dark in the research sector. Unfortunately for him, this escalated to the point where there are large scale implications for the human race if he were to fail.  Fortunately for you, that means there’s plenty of aliens to slaughter.  


There are 5 different chapters to work through, each with different locations and objectives, though you will start to find that the objectives are basically just kill everything on the map unless told to collect something specific.  Of course, I personally had no complaints at being asked to show up the likes of the Skywalkers etc at ‘space combat’ but some players may find this a bit repetitive or just get stuck.  


The game does revolve heavily around your ship and the different upgrades, but it is a nice easy system, there’s not really any room for you to mess up your set up. However, it is definitely necessary.  As you progress through the missions, you begin to take on bigger ships such as battleships and cruisers. There are ‘Exploration missions’ for each of the 5 locations however, meaning that it is nice and easy to save up the materials you to upgrade your guns or get that new ship. 

Now on the moneymaker, the gameplay.  


All too often there are space shooters pumped out which are just clunky and you may as well be playing in a swimming pool than in deep space.  Not Subdivision Infinity DX though, this is some of the cleanest space flight I’ve seen for a long time.  And the controls match. As you would imagine in space, there are not many limitations to the direction in which you can move (assuming your well equipped to be in space in the first place).  It’s really only limited by the Gyro on your thrusters. Subdivision Infinity DX has taken this concept and worked it magically through its unique controls for acceleration, deceleration, movement and also tilting/barrel-rolling the ship.  The sheer amount of detail that has been put into the controls allows you to move around the battlefield as if you’re sailing on the crest of a solar wind and the AI has no fucking chance. 


Now there are a lot of positives to this game, from its unique controls to its warehouse of warships you can choose from.  However, one aspect which lets it down is the story mode, and essentially the game modes altogether. Yes, there are 40+ levels for you to muscle through, but the storyline is a bit weak and repetitive. 


Sure it’s hugely fun to fly around pretending to be Luke Skywalker, but at the end of the day, your objectives will always be along the lines of “destroy everything”. 


A multiplayer experience here would also catapult this game light years ahead of any other sci-fi space shooters.  Considering what the actual gameplay and maps are like, a multiplayer option would for me, take this from a fun weekend experience to a serious competitive arena. 


Overall, I would highly rate this game, it is an extremely fun experience, there is a very manageable learning curve on the controls which makes for an extremely mobile and satisfying flight simulation experience.  


Price-wise,  Subdivision Infinity DX is an absolute bargain at £9.99/ $14.99/AU$19.99. There is a lot of customization and of course, the ever iterated 40+ levels, that’s like 1p a level (ok so it’s actually like 25p so like 50 cents per level and that ain’t bad!).

If this game had a 20v20 or 10v10, then there are all sorts of room for a competitive scene, esports, etc, and probably the ability to charge more for the game! As it stands though, Subdivision Infinity DX goes beyond what you would expect for a space shooter but fails to deliver on the story mode and I just really really want a multiplayer adaptation from it too.  7.3/10 on the Loot-Reviews-Game-O-Likey-Thingy

Is Subdivision a flight simulator? No, but that doesn't mean it isn't bloody fun.
"Overall, I would highly rate this game, it is an extremely fun experience, there is a very manageable learning curve on the controls which makes for an extremely mobile and satisfying flight simulation experience."
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