PUBG: Platform Comparison for Console and Mobile

What platform does PUBG belong on?

G’day, holla, hello and welcome to Elgreegsio’s Pubg-off, a comparison between the mobile and Playstation 4 versions of the Battle Royale Classic.  

So I’m sure you have all heard of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or Pubg for short) and it has finally been released on Playsation!!  I for one have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for it to be released on this platform, having watched countless hours of PC footage and put in my fair share of mobile gaming time.

What I think is quite unique with pubg is that the game is essentially the same across all platforms with only a few differences: E.g. you can easily auto-pick up the best item in the pile of loot on mobile and you can have HDR graphics if your phone can support it, and it is surprisingly easy to navigate through your inventory on the ps4 (the main obstacles I expected to encounter on these platforms after watching it from a PC perspective).  

PUBG Mobile:

 In my opinion this is one of the best mobile games out there. I have been playing this on the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) and then the Galaxy S9, so a midrange phone model and then the flagship model for Samsung in early 2018. I started playing on the A5, and while I was unable to opt to have the most detailed graphics, the ability to for the game to lower the graphics if the fps was low, allowed me to play at the optimal graphics rate for my internet connection while providing a smooth gameplay experience.  

The S9 however was a completely different experience, the full HDR graphics and obviously the bigger screen and larger phone meant for a comfier gaming experience and more importantly more wins!

Now you will always have people saying that the mobile version is easy etc etc etc, but I challenge anyone to just jump into the game and continually beat 100 other players back to back.  

But why is it so easy compare to the other platforms?

The answer is unfortunately Bots.  In order to stop people getting destroyed time and time again, the game adds in bots to your gameplay, the number of which is most likely determines by your level and gameplay time.  As you get more adept at the game, the bots become more savvy and the bot/people ratio increases in favour of real people but I mean bot or no bot, there is always going to be a need for a bit of skill and tact, whichever platform you are playing on.


 So I started playing this having extremely high expectations due to how awesome the mobile game was, and it did not disappoint.  Ok so I haven’t eaten yet (no chicken dinner for me) but cor blimey I’ve had fun trying! While I have mainly played solo and with normal headphones (headset is in the mail), it is very easy to immerse yourself in one of the 4 maps on offer at the moment: Vekendi, Sanhok, Miramar and Erangel.   

The graphics can only be described as a delight really, and there is nothing that beats seeing the spray of blood when you headshot someone from a few hundred meters with the elusive Kar98k.

Gameplaywise, the ps4 is a lot more difficult than the mobile, for obvious reason such as the method of controlling your character and generally people play on a screen bigger than a phone!  What I especially like is the ability to autorun and look around as you run for cover, which I wasn’t sure if they would convert this across to ps4. However what infuriates me is when I have a clear shot on someone and they start jumping around like they have a bee in their behind – this is not fortnite … but hey – maybe I’m just sour because it never works for me and I have wasted many a clip into thin air!

Overall, I would say both games are masterpieces in themselves, the mobile version I think is leagues above any other mobile games, graphics wise and also gameplay wise.  However the PS4 version trumps it for me due to its ability to immerse you into the zone, the awesome sound effects when you’re plugged in, and it will be much more satisfactory earning that chicken dinner since you are playing 99 other real people.

Value for money wise – you only have battle royale mode on the ps4 and you pay less than a normal ps4 game because of this.  At £25.99 it is almost half the price of most new releases yet still includes 4 maps, third and first person mode and as well as the usual solo, duo and quads.  On mobile, the game itself is free; however you can collect outfits through in-app purchases, a service which is supposedly going to be coming to ps4 soon.

PUBG Mobile 8/10

PUBG PS4 9/10

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  1. Very nice. If I may add, I have seen people play on Playstation, and thought “Reminds me of the PC version” because of how much better it is than the Xbox version. The Xbox version was in early access for a year, used its payers as lab rats, and now has the gall to release items to PlayStation early. It pisses me off when I see the disparities between both.

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