PUBG Mobile gets an STD (Survive till Dawn) Mode

PUBG and Resident Evil crossover Survive Til Dawn launches for PUBG Mobile

All-new infection version of PUBG Mobile hits zombie mode

Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation has released a recent update on the free mobile version of the classic battle royal that boasts an all-new infection version of PUBG Mobile hits zombie mode, in addition to fresh Royale Pass themes and more.

Earlier this year, PUBG MOBILE teamed up with Resident Evil 2 to give the classic battleground a sinister undead makeover with the introduction of zombie mode. In this hit version of PUBG MOBILE, players test their grit against hordes of monsters to survive until dawn.

Racoon City featured in the lobby of PUBG Mobile

For the first time ever, players can now drop into an all-new asymmetric player vs. player zombie infection mode where they are divided into Zombies or Defenders.  Defenders are equipped with firearms, Zombies can only use melee weapons and special abilities with cooldowns to take down and infect Defenders.

The good news is that zombies can be revived after being defeated by Defenders, while Defenders will be turned into Zombies after being killed. It sounds pretty tough for the defending team, with a growing number of threats popping up on the island.

However, if one Defender survives, then the Defenders win and that’s going to make things pretty interesting when it comes to tactics.

Fight to survive the horde of zombies infecting PUBG Mobile

In addition to the all-new Infection mode, the Version 0.14.0 update delivers:

  • Sea Treasure Themes – To continue the Summer season of nautical fun, an all-new theme of Sea Treasure graces PUBG MOBILE’s main menu and in-game items;
  • Global Treasure Hunt – Today’s treasure-themed update brings with it an unprecedented in-game hunt with a million-dollar prize pool. Players can collect gold, silver and bronze compasses to redeem rewards;
  • Royale Pass Season 8 – Previous fan-favorite items have been restocked for players to earn and unlock;
  • Daily Mission System Update – All daily in-game challenges unlock upgraded rewards for even more chances to earn rare loot;
  • iOS Background Downloading – iOS players can now keep PUBG MOBILE open as a background app while downloading updates;
  • Android Resources Extension Pack – Beginning today, the Android installation package size has been reduced, and rarely-used in-game equipment can be stored in the Resources Extension Pack until they are needed.

PUBG MOBILE is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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