Million to One Hero Review – Create Your Destiny

out of 10

“An exciting platform game, filled with action, skill, wits and competition that hides a secret inside: A powerful editor that you can use to create your own adventures… and by adventures, we don’t mean simple levels… We mean full campaigns, with their world map, NPC’s and your own unique story!”

If you’re looking for an old school platforming heavy experience and have a strong desire to create your own levels, Over The Top’s game is for you.
There is no doubt this game will be and has been compared to Mario Maker – essentially they are of the same genre of play and create platformers, but Million to One Hero has the capability to allow you to create your own little story arcs complete with dialogue, so perfect for really amping up the humor or doom and gloom of your levels.
Million to One Hero is a pixel art 2d sidescrolling platforming game that has essentially 4 buttons – Attack, Jump, Dash (air and ground), and special item (these are found in stage and vary).  The few mechanics it has regarding platforming, such as wall jumping and multi-directional air dashes, are done well and will satisfy that itch for simple and fast-paced jump and run mania. 
Jumps feel good, and you do have a lot of control while in the air, which is key to any good platformer.  A timer is built into the scoring system, so speed runs are definitely encouraged, but that doesn’t mean its mindless – switch doors and carefully placed insta-kill obstacles can quickly bring that mad dash to a screeching halt to plan out your strategy as to how you’re going to make these next series of jumps without restarting at that same old checkpoint you reached a while back.

The game is extremely small (about 59 MB) thanks to the ancient Greek and Roman-themed pixel art used (which is very well done and has a great aesthetic, pixel art fans will not be disappointed). Thankfully there are different melodies that the game cycles through, and they’re quite good, but it could become repetitive for some players over time. Hopefully, the Devs will release more music!

That said, for this game to be successful there needs to be a lot of community-driven content.  There is no real story apparent in Million to One Hero – the story follows Chronos, the god of time as he shares his memories
of the legendary ancient greek hero “Epicus”, revealing to you how Epicus became the greatest hero of all time.  The tutorial starts in a way that it felt like there was some definite behind the scenes knowledge and story to uncover, but, in the final part of the tutorial the game breaks the 4th wall and Chronos speaks to Epicus about the level design tool.  I think it’s pretty clear from that what to expect from this game – its all about those custom made levels.

So that’s exactly what I did – dived straight into some player-made levels.  So far, so good – some really insane almost troll-like levels to ones with some real thought that has gone into the puzzle/strategy side of the game with an effort made in telling an actual story.  

The game is still in early stages, so right now the more people buy with the intent to not only play but create, the better – if you’ve never considered creating content before, here’s your chance to torture or amuse the rest of the player base!  Go for it!


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