Lornsword Winter Chronicle REVIEW (PS4)

We check out and review Lornsword Winter Chronicle from Tower Five games.
Developer Publisher Release Date Reviewed on Genre
Tower Five
Tower Five
Oct 2019
Action, Strategy

Lornsword is a story-driven action strategy game. As Corun Lan Ka, you will have to use both your sword and your mind to cut through battles. Fight, lead your men, capture gold mines, build your base and emerge, victorious!

Lornsword Winter Chronicle by Tower Five is a Real-Time-Strategy action game that follows the experiences of a knight by the name of Corun Lan Ka. 


Enlisted to participate in a political conflict greater than himself, Corun must command his troops, organize his resources, and strategically engage with a variety of enemies to ensure victory.  Taking its inspiration from the control system of the fantastic RTS Tooth and Tail, it is easy to dip right into the game. You control your hero directly to explore the map, capture buildings, and summon magical creatures to fight on your side. Don’t die, though, or you are dead for good.

Lornsword review for PS4. RTS from Tower Five

What first looks rather simplified soon gets a bit more complex: construct buildings, mine for gold, farm for food, build an army and destroy the enemies of the Emperor! Buildings and units must be upgraded and it’s up to you to make it all happen.

The gameplay also introduces some MOBA elements to aid in the simplification. Units come from buildings that you construct, like normal, but instead of waiting for you to command them they can be set to leave on a predetermined pathway toward the enemy. Since you can’t be everywhere at once, this level of autonomy ensures that your resource commitments are not wasted on idle soldiers, but at the very least be used as regular suppression of enemy forces.

Being a single person on the map also introduced a new kind of challenge: getting to where you’re needed. In other games, you can teleport around and command whichever unit as needed, but this isn’t the case here. If you’re busy pressuring an enemy camp on the west, then the east side might be at greater risk should it be attacked. If you leave resources unguarded by the autonomous system, then you’ll be stuck trying to scramble back when it is under attack.


At first glance, Lornsword Winter Chronicle gave a vaguely nostalgic impression. I grew up with games like Age of Empires, so the classic RTS elements in the game give a certain feel of 1999

however, the shapely style of art is very fitting for the story being told.

Lornsword review for rts from Tower Five

It’s a well made and more-or-less problem-free strategy game that has an enjoyable mixture of RTS, MOBA, and narrative. You don’t even have to be particularly good at any of these genres to enjoy the game.


"What first looks rather simplified soon gets a bit more complex - It's up to you to make it all happen."

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