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Heroes Trials Review: The Shell Role Playing As An RPG

Is Heroes Trials worth playing? Or is it the worst RPG ever made?
Get a Platinum Trophy from playing Heroes Trials on PS4.
The map in Heroes Trials looks like it has a lot to offer, but is filled with dead ends and unfinished rooms.

“An intense and fast-paced adventure broken into several trials that can also be played as a shooter. Help siblings Elia and Zoel to become their homeland heroes.”

Appearances can be deceiving, and that surely is the case with Heroes Trials, the indie game developed by Shinyuden Studio.

At first glance, we are presented with an RPG that resembles earlier Zelda releases with the top-down, mystical style, complete with vases and plants that can be hacked at to retrieve health or currency.

The world seems vast as you go on various quests, but it really isn’t. There are only a handful of towns that Zoel and Elia, our sibling duel characters, travel through.

These towns are again just a facade. NCPs are sparse, and the present company offers nothing more than a generic line of caution or encouragement for our Heroes. Adding to this anticlimactic feature, buildings are not accessible despite looking welcoming and warm.

Creatures plague the earth and pose a threat to our young warriors… Well. Not really.

There are about as many different creatures as there are map locations, and each one can be killed with ease. Occasionally a beast will drop some coins, or a key which will be required to proceed through the trial, the latter is the only instance that matters.

The in-game currency doesn’t seem to have a name, nor is it needed, apart from some boots that increase your speed ever so slightly.

To be honest, the default speed of our Heroes is more than fast enough to slip by any enemy. The only reason I bothered to grind out the search for cash was in hopes of more items arriving in the store, which didn’t eventuate.

Staying on the subject of items, we have a bag to carry loot, weaponry, and items acquired as part of the Trials.

You can easily access a view of your bag, which shows multiple slots for your inventory, a staple for the RPG genre. Unfortunately, there is no option to interact with your carried items, and the empty slots appear to remain empty for the rest of the journey.

Overall, there are many nice aspects to Heroes Trials which make it seem like a tidy little adventure RPG Unfortunately, little is the operative word with adventure and role-playing being absent.

Some silver lining on the lack of content is the ease in which you can obtain trophies for PS4. With players speed-running the game in 30 minutes and finding one of the easiest Platinums ever acquired.

  • Offline trophies: 13 (1, 11, 1)

The whole thing feels rushed like developer Shinyuden was building the base of a larger project and skipped the crucial step of filling out the story.

It’s not all bad, while it only took around 2 hours of fairly lazy play to complete, it was fun, so beefing up the story, adding more option to explore, and an actual inventory system would probably make it a decent game.

In its current state, Heroes Trials gets a 4.7 LRG Rating

Welcome to Heroes Trials! This is a dynamic and fast-paced adventure game with a trial system that takes you through more than 10 different tests that will prepare you for the final challenge. Clear them and rise to the position of defender of your homeland… Or stay forever as a trainee!

Explore your island freely but be sure to clear the trials on time. Want to be a speedrunner and beat the game faster than anybody else? Heroes Trials helps you keep track of your times. Are you a treasure hunter? You can find hidden items all over the island. Do you care about trophies above anything else? You can get them without breaking a sweat.

Control two heroes with two different attack modes and combine their abilities to solve puzzles and defeat bosses. Do you want to play the game as a top-down shooter from beginning to end? It’s totally up to you!

The story of the game is told through a simple narrative that helps you understand your goals. A helpful navigation system and a fascinating soundtrack will also invite you to spend more time with the game just to listen to the tracks maestro Benedikt Grosser prepares for you.

Heroes Trials brings the best elements of traditional RPGs and delivers a compact and intense experience that takes less than 4 hours to complete, but provides you with a satisfaction that can normally only be obtained with a longer game in the genre. Heroes Trials achieves that by excluding all repetitive quests, fillers, empty events and grinding.

Enjoy your journey to the top of the heroes of Délhua!

"With the appearance of a large world, mystical creatures, and an unfolding adventure I thought I was in for a treat. Heroes Trials is empty, poorly executed, and feels like an unfinished project that was rushed into publishing."
VERDICT 4.7/10

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