Fortnitemare's Faux Finale: Is the Darkness really gone?

Something just didn’t quite sit right with me after the Butterfly/Cube Event of November 4.

It may have been that I thoroughly enjoyed playing the Fortnitemares modes and now that they are gone, along with the Corrupted Areas and Floating Island it just seems like too much was lost and not enough gained. Of course that is a childish way to look at things considering a great deal of work goes into developing Fortnite, so who am I to have an opinion on what is or isn’t offered?

There is another possible reason I could be feeling as though this whole saga was not wrapped up as neatly as anticipated – It is not over by a long shot.

This is based on the evidence we have at hand. Let’s take a look at what is sitting on the surface before we dig deeper into what I am going to name “Fortnitemare’s Faux Finale?”.

Kevin the Cube is gone.

Exploded into nothingness. But he did drop a shard into the vortex at the bottom of Leaky Lake, what was that? Was it the LilKev Back Bling we now see in-game? Or will it re-emerge as Kevin’s mutated double Devon the Doom Cube and wreak further havoc?

It just seems odd to me, that Epic would go to the effort of adding the small in-game event where we saw Kevin drop a fragment of himself into the lake. What would be the point of that when they were ultimately only days away from the large event in which Kevin would be destroyed?

Further to that, the Rifts which originally sparked all of these strange additions, after the Missile Launch of Season 4, are still seen around the map. So this cannot be completely over.

So many unanswered questions.

The mystery of where the missile went when it was launched during the first of Fortnite’s large scale in-game events is still something that players and fans are debating as there have been no further hints at this in a while.

Epic has a tendency to drop little clues throughout each season that, when looked at carefully, can give us an idea of what is to come. Well any hints regarding the Missile, Rifts, Kevin or the Cube Monsters seem to have slowed to a trickle.

That is not to say we won’t be seeing more teasers and clues in the near future, but for now any further investigating only leads to more unanswered questions.

In short, if everything was all sunshine and rainbows as the current Leaky Lake Meta would suggest, than why did we not witness the portal closing? Why did we not physically see Rifts close and areas of the map that came from the Rifts disappear with them? And why have we now got Cube Monsters causing chaos in the Team Terror LTM/LTE, shouldn’t they be gone altogether? And why did Leaky Lake suddenly become a seemingly established area, unlike Dusty Divot which we saw slowing fill in with trees and grass? This time round the new version of Leaky Lake is just there after the event.


What does this all mean?

What this fan/conspiracy theorist thinks is that it is all a ruse. We are meant to feel like it is over and that all the Darkness has been defeated bar the Cube Monsters which we will eradicate, perhaps tying in to the Hunting Party theme, with us the players taking them out one by one.
It is very possible that in the next week we will see it go dark once more and the map thrown into turmoil making way for an even bigger catalyst to end out the Season.

At the end of the season, the Portal will be closed again for good and the rifts will disappear too, but not before the Missile comes flying back through, striking Tilted Towers as was originally considered possible prior to the initial launch in Season 4.
I mean think about it for a second, what better way to surprise players by letting them think Tilted Towers is going to be destroyed, sparing it with only minor damage, and then 2 whole seasons later the same event finally wraps up with the destruction of the most heavily played area in the game.

I don’t think Tilted Towers will be completely destroyed though. No, I think it will be hit hard but will be rebuilt over the following Season to create an even larger city.

This theory obviously has a lot of room for argument but is worth exploring.


I will also remind you of the Bunker.

Not only were we baffled when the Bunker first showed up in Wailing Woods unannounced, we were again stunned when further Bunkers started to appear along with what seems to be tunnels that are not linked up just yet.

Is this a sign that we will be seeking shelter from something? Or is it a slow way of introducing more areas for us to fight by heading underground?

We are about to see a new Vehicle added to the game with the codename “Bumble“, the sound clip leaked by FNBRLeaks sounds very much like a Plane of some kind, so we may see the fight take to the skies, something that has only really happened through the use of Jetpacks in the past. So if we are taking to the skies it would also make sense to go underground as a way of expanding the play area.

These are just the theories of one mad gamer who let’s his imagination run wild. Let me know your own theories in the comments.

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