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Fortnite Flashback: November 2017

A lot can change in a year, especially when there is a rapidly growing community pushing for it.

The Fortnite we see today is vastly different to the Fortnite of one year ago, while the premise still remains unchanged there have been countless additions to the game. Let’s take a look at Fortnite from November 2017 and some of the stats that will amaze you.


Did you know that only a year ago Fortnite wasn’t offering Duo modes to all servers? The OCE server, in particular, did not have access to this mode until the beginning of December. In fact, Epic was still trying to figure out the mechanics of party building and the “add friend” feature while at the same time addressing and banning Team Killers, toxic players that would intentionally cause the death of a teammate. If you were playing back in the earlier seasons you would remember just how frustrating it was.

Today the team developing Fortnite has to deal with issues like server strain to keep up with the sheer amount of people trying to jump into a match at the same time. But this time last year the same team was still trying to nut out problems with random bullet spread, a feat that would probably take a fraction of the time to complete today.

We also saw the introduction of the current Inventory model with the old one being considered hard to use and slower to cycle through items to drop.

The current model’s ease of use has sped up gameplay and allowed players to further customize their loadout.


Reddit continues to provide incredibly useful feedback that Epic has been able to tap into, one such piece of feedback brought about the PostMatch Stats so we can keep track of how we did. It remains fairly unchanged since it’s release.

November of 2017 was the last month Fortnite players saw the map without Tilted Towers and the mad frenzy it creates almost every single match. It is hard to comprehend a game without Tilted to rely on for a guaranteed bloodbath.

When jumping out of the Battlebus it was not quite as easy to tell where you were headed by sight alone and players had to rely on their map a lot more to land in the right spot, upgrades were made shortly after with sharper landscape artwork added, which in turn made it easier to recognize where you were from above. 


Even the clips we would find on Youtube and Twitch were far less impressive than the ones e see today. Players of all types have brought innovation and creativity to Fortnitein a way that makes the eliminations in this video pale in comparison.


Quite possibly one of the most noticeable differences between now and one year ago is the absence of a Battlepass, Cosmetics, and an Item Shop. That’s right, there were no John Wicks, Skull Troopers or Galaxy skins and by association, the revenue of the game would have been a trickle compared to that of today. 

Limited Time Modes were not brought into play until December of 2017 meaning this time last year there were only Solo, Duo, and Squad modes and as mentioned earlier not all Servers were able to access Duos at the time. The range of LTMs that have been cycled in and out since that time has been incredible and give us reason to be excited for what’s next.

The prospect of earning Badges or Medals during a match was being tossed around a year ago, it doesn’t seem to be a feature that the development team decided to give to us but perhaps now is a better time for that with the current player base and with just how competitive Fortnite has become. Receiving a medal during a game for doing something above average would be a nice little incentive to keep trying to pull off those insane plays.


Since Novemeber of 2017 we have seen countless changes made, weapons introduced and vaulted, map locations have come and gone and hundreds of cosmetics hyped up and soon after forgotten. Our beloved Fortnite is constantly evolving and changing and sometimes taking a look back to an earlier time can really put into perspective the leaps and bounds that have been made.

We look forward to seeing what Epic has planned for the next update and as usual will make sure to get the information to you guys as soon as it is available.

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