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E008 The Fortnite Fortnightly Podcast - Handsome Phantom Gate Crash Special

The boys from and Fly By Nite: A Fortnite Podcast, join the_real4D for a late night chat post Thanksgiving.


We dive back into the never-ending Glider Redeploy debate as well as recent changes in Fortnite, and theories of what is to come in Season 7. Listen to the Episode Now

Since this Episode was recorded a few days earlier than usual, we didn’t have the opportunity to discuss the most recent patch v6.31. You can read about it in our editorial, however. Fortnite Update v6.31 and Patch Notes

The Team at Handsome Phantom dissect and review a wide array of Games, Gaming Tech and Deals for Players. 
They also provide news and opinion pieces on some of the most current releases and public events.

These guys love what they do and if you stop by their website you will surely find something you want to read.

In addition to Fly By Nite: A Fortnite Podcast, some of the boys also Host Into The Deep: A PlayStation VR Podcast, and are soon to launch a flagship HP SHOW.

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