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E006 The Fortnite Fortnightly Podcast - Portal Predictions With TheChiporpoise

This week, the_real4D was meant to be going solo, but we absolutely had to get this guy on the show and pick his brain.

TheChiporpoise posted a rather specific theory on Reddit back in early October regarding Rifts being reverse engineered and harnessed as Portals for players to teleport through underneath Wailing Woods.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, this fellow Looter was absolutely right as we now have Portals below the various structures in Wailing. As incredible as this prediction turned out to be, the most interesting part of all is how he connected all the dots using some common sense and some experience with Save The World.

For those of us that are yet to play the original Fortnite mode, most of what happens in the Battle Royale story line seems quite random or simply doesn’t make sense until some sort of big reveal occurs.

What this means is we are missing information that makes piecing together the mysteries Epic creates for us each season, much harder. Or damn near impossible sometimes.

Listen to this weeks episode of The Fortnite Fortnightly Podcast to hear the full theory and how TheChiporpoise figured it all out. Plus we dive into the v6.30 patch, Food Fight LTM, Mounted Turret, and the removal of Glider Redeploy.

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