Colour based arcade runner ‘Color Slayer’ Out now on Steam

Independent Salvadorian game developer The Domaginarium announced the release of their color-based arcade game Color Slayer earlier today.

The studio, developer of psychological-horror Enola, and hidden-object adventure The Dreamlands: Aisling’s Quest has made the game available on Steam and

Color Slayer is a colour-based arcade game in which players use two coloured swords to slice their way through different enemies and get points.  The new arcade game showcases The Domaginarium’s ability to diversify its projects and proves it’s headed away from phsycological horrors with this new colourful  direction.



Colour slayer guitar hero esk

My take on this however is that it is Guitar Hero but with a character with swords instead of , well a guitar thingy-ma-bob.  Meaning that it will be fun yet uber repetitive.  Definitely for those who just love a speed run or high score.

“In the past we’ve focused on dark or mysterious story-driven games, like Enola or The Dreamlands: Aisling’s Quest. However, with Color Slayer the studio is broadening its spectrum,” said Sergio Rosa, founder of The Domaginarium.

“While we will continue developing those games, as shown by our dedication to in-development horror title Just Let Me Go, we want to take on other subjects, game genres and styles,” he added.

Color Slayer

The Domaginarium is an independent game developer from El Salvador founded in 2011. Previously, The Domaginarium released Enola, a dark horror-adventure and The Dreamlands: Aisling’s Quest, a mystery-driven hidden object title.

This press release about Color Slayer first appeared on Gamasutra.

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