New Apex Legends Weapons Leaked

Apex Legends leaks have emerged, giving us some information on new weapons that could be coming to the game.

With the rise in popularity that Apex Legends is rightfully receiving, it means some extra attention from the likes of data miners.

Other data miners recently gave us some information on new legends that were found in an Apex Legends leak – and now it seems we have some info on new weapons as well.

The discovery was made by recently when scouring for Apex Legends leaks, and it’s just what we wanted to hear.
We may only be in the second week of Apex’s life, but already see a lot of demand for new content that will continue to make this gem from Respawn the new king of battle royale.

The two weapons that were found in the files are HAVOC which appears to be an energy rifle, and L-Star EMG as a light machine gun.

Unlike the vague details uncovered for the new character leaks, this discovery is accompanied by some stats on the two weapons including damage and fire rate. provided a graphic with the information.


The HAVOC dishes out a rather low amount of damage for a rifle, with 18 points to the body and 36 to the head. Putting it towards the low end, add to that the difficulty players face in finding enough energy ammo and we have some concerns immediately. An extremely high fire-rate balances this out however.

The L-Star EMG boasts a little more damage with a base number of 21 to the body, and 42 to the head. Slow rate of fire compared to other light machine guns, with a max RPM of 720, and pretty average reload time.

It should be noted that while the files have been uncovered, this doesn’t mean that the stats found will be the same if and when the weapons are ever released.

As seen many times with Fortnite leaks, the weapon that makes it’s way into the game can be vastly different to the one found in early leaks.

Personally, I would prefer an energy rifle with a little more power rather than fire rate, but one thing that could help is the fact that energy weapons typically don’t have a high amount of recoil due to the less explosive nature of the projectile. Just a thought.

Thanks for the leaks, we look forward to seeing what else you uncover.

What is the one weapon you want to see added to Apex Legends? Let us know in the comments below,

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