Apex Legends Pro Tips & How To Get More Wins

Apex Legends Guide to playing like a pro.

In a game as strategic as Apex Legends it’s crucial to have a strong plan in place in order to survive, and if possible, win.
This is even more true in cases where you choose to break off from your squad and go solo, which in my opinion is a very bad move as this isn’t CoD, or even Fortnite.

Below are some tips and some little known secrets that will help you to get further, gain more XP, and hopefully bag some wins.

Don’t Go Solo

Pretty sure I already made that point, but I will make it again. Don’t.
Apex Legends is a little different to other battle royale games in that you have ample opportunities to help your squad when they get into trouble. You can do this by offering some of the supplies you’re carrying such as First Aid and Shields which are found in abundance throughout the map (obviously).
You can also revive your fallen team mates when they are downed by the enemy, and even more impressive than that; you can retrieve your squad mate’s banner  when they are completely taken out. Carrying their banner to the nearest Respawn Beacon is possibly the most satisfying feeling in Apex Legends possibly more so than an actual victory.

So to summarize the not going solo tip, don’t do it, and always make sure you are looking out for your team mates. Don’t let them go down without trying to aid them because when you get to the end game you’ll be wishing they were there watching your six.

You may want to get kills and wins as your primary goal, but I promise that if you start focusing on keeping your squad alive and well you will see a drastic improvement in your performance. Remember, this is not your average battle royale like those we have seen recently, and doesn’t require as much aggression as it does forward thinking and smart decisions.

 Balance Your Squad

Every player has their favorite Legend. I for one prefer Bloodhound and have used his ultimate ability to get the drop on many other teams. But you can’t always pick the best legend in Apex Legends, or at least the best one for you that is. Sometimes another player will grab it before your turn to pick, so make sure you know how to utilize each legends skills and ultimate ability.

There are two ways to ensure your squad is as balanced as possible. The first only applies if you are playing with friends, in this situation just bloody communicate and make sure you are working out the best format for your style of play. Don’t put the player who is used to going in guns blazing in charge of your healing and additional supplies. So, in other words, don’t play as Lifeline if you are that sort of player. Likewise, don’t play as Gibraltar if you are more of the stealthy, sniper type fighter.

The other way you can ensure some balance is maintained applies to cases where you are playing with a random squad. If you are picking first, go nuts and just hope the other players are thinking like you. If however, you happen to pick last, have a look at your teams choices. Try to avoid picking the same style of legend as either of your new buddies. You will work a lot better as a team if you are utilizing the full spectrum of skills on offer.

Having one player scout an area for enemies before sending in one of the sneaky players like Wraith is an effective strategy. This can be further complemented by having a player with some heavy firepower ready to call in an airstrike on retreating or dug-in opponents.

Apex Legends how to guide. Player guide for playing Apex Legends like a pro.

Move Around Quicker In Apex Legends

There doesn’t seem to be much a of a difference, if any, between the legends when it comes to speed and agility. It looks to me like all of the different characters move around exactly the same. But, there are a few ways you can keep your pace up when moving around, something that can get you where you need to be a lot faster.

Red Balloons: You would have noticed the nice big red balloons suspended in the sky around the map, these are super handy to get yourself around a bit quicker. Ride the zip-line up to the top and glide towards your destination, covering a lot of ground in one go. If you plan it right you can move from one balloon to another fairly easily, while looting a building or two on the way.
A nice tactic if you do choose to go it alone and play solo is to hold a defensive position (Camping, ahem) near one of these balloons. When you need to relocate either due to being over-run, or you want to remain elusive, you can quickly lift off and glide away. But be warned, if you are being actively hunted by an opposing team, they will have a pretty easy time hitting that human target floating straight up the zip-line.

Slide, Like A Nimble Turbo-Slug: Sliding is Apex Legends is extremely useful. Not just in situations where you’re trying to get down a hill fast either. You can actually use the slide feature when sprinting on flat ground, and after a few moments, right when you reach the peak of the slide, start sprinting again. This will not interrupt the sprinting process at all and will give you a nice little boost to your momentum while sliding.

Also, in case you didn’t notice already, you can actually steer yourself while sliding. We aren’t talking about sharp turns here, but you can navigate your way to either side slightly while zipping down a steep slope. Despite having only a small amount of control over your movement while sliding fast downhill, you do become an incredibly hard target to hit.

Follow The Sound Of Gunfire

That’s right, unless you are planning a more stealthy approach this method will normally lead to some better loot. With other players fighting in the distance, you can follow the sound of their gunfire and post up somewhere safe until the action is over. When one team is left victorious, they are normally also in need of healing and shields from their recent battle. This makes it the perfect time to organize a strike with your squad, swoop in, and claim the loot of both eliminated teams.
The reason this yeilds better loot in most cases is because other players have already put in the time picking up attachments, higher tier armor, and more ammo. Make the most of this, while saving a little bit of time.

Another side point to the topic of gunfire noises: Most locations have high ground on at least one of the flanks, if you hear gunfire downhill from your location, you already have the upper-hand and can sit perched up high waiting for the fight to be over below you. Always hold the high ground.

Apex Legends tips on playing like a pro. Get more kills in Apex Legends Battle Royale.
Respawn Beacons allow you to resurrect dead team mates

Choose Thermite Everytime

The explosives in Apex Legends are pretty awesome, but you cannot do better than the power of thermite, which upon exploding will blanket the ground in ultra-hot, burning thermite. A well thrown Thermite Grenade will continue to do damage as the enemy scrambles to get away. In some cases, you can corner the other team in a building and hit them all with Thermite at the same time. A player with no armor will have little chance of surviving such an attack.

Optimal Apex Legends Field Of View Settings

This is not an option that most games have, especially for console players. So it’s a really nice pro feature of Apex Legends.
Play with the Field Of View setting in the main Settings, don’t be afraid to try a bunch of different values. I find that the most comfortable number for me, playing on console on a large TV, is around the 100-105 mark. But this may be different for you.

What is the Field Of View Setting? Simply put, this adjusts how far the camera is zoomed out, altering the depth in the graphics. Depending on the device you are viewing the game on, and your personal vision, this setting could be adjusted to make sure everyone see the game in an optimal Field Of View. Have a play around and find what works for you.

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