Peacekeeper Tip: Apex Legends Secret

Handy Peacekeeper tip that can be used with the Triple Take rifle in Apex Legends.

Going up again a well armed and highly shielded enemy in Apex Legends is a challenge, but by using this little Peacekeeper tip you will have a better chance of landing more damage.

Not only does it pack a serious punch with 110 body damage and 165 headshot damage, but it can be found just about bloody anywhere. So, we have a nice little Peackeeper tip that can be applied to the Triple Take as well.

The Triple Take may be a little harder for you to come across much like the energy ammo required, but when you do we have an Apex tip that will give you a serious advantage on the battlefield.

This isn’t just a Peacekeeper tip, it works for the Triple Take and involves the use of a Precision Choke which can be found all around the Apex Legends arena.

A top Peacekeeper tip also works for the Triple Take and involves using the Precision Choke to charge up your shots.

When you pair this attachment with either weapon it allows you to hold down the aim button to charge up your shot. What this does is ensure less pellet spread for the peacekeeper and a much more accurate shot for the Triple Take due to the three simultaneous rounds staying close together.

Aiming down the sites isn’t an adjustment you need to make for the Triple Take as it would be rare that you would be firing from the hip anyway. But for the Peacekeeper it may be something you will need to actively force yourself to do, with the average player normally avoiding the sites when using a shotgun.

This ties into what we mentioned in one of our first posts about Apex Legends, learn your attachments, learn your weapons, and learn your legends. Without a thorough knowledge of the game’s mechanics in every aspect you will struggle to become the pro you are striving to be.

Give this method a go and see the difference yourself. If you have another Peacekeeper tip make sure to let us know.

Where’s the best place to land in Apex Legends? We are eager to find out what you guys think so tell us in the comments below.

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