HAVOC Confirmed: Apex Legends New Weapon Almost Here.

Apex Legends new weapon has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. The HAVOC rifle will arrive soon.

We told you fine folks a couple of days ago about the HAVOC and L-Star EMG leak that had come to light. A Tweet from Respawn earlier today has now confirmed the former at least.

The exact time of the release hasn’t been confirmed, however it’s been rumored the arrival could occur as early as today.

Many Apex Legends fans have been asking how much damage the HAVOC rifle will do? Well, according to the leak regarding HAVOC’s release the rifle will deal out 36 damage for headshots and just 18 for hits to the body.

Image: The Brag

With the game being only two weeks old, the idea of a new weapon in Apex Legends is amazing. So many other big titles have dropped the ball recently when it comes to releasing new content to keep players engaged. Bravo Respawn, bravo.

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