14 Days Of Holiday Gaming: Part 1

Over the next 2 weeks, our Editor In Chief the_real4d will be on the road for a family vacation. During this time he will be reviewing a different unreleased mobile game and will give you the skinny.

The Adventure Is Upon Us

With Christmas only a few sleeps away most of us are done with work for the year and are ready for a Holiday.
Some people choose to go off the grid for a week or two and vacation to a distant town, while others opt for a more low key choice and stay home catching up on some R&R.

This guy however will be heading North to spend Christmas with my Wife’s family, before doing a 180 and driving many hours South to our usual camping site on the beach. Gotta love this time of year in Australia.

But all this travel over the next 2 weeks does not mean my contributions to Loot Reviews Gaming will cease. Instead, I will be brandishing my Samsung Galaxy s6 (old now I know) and reviewing some Under-Development mobile games.

I will be testing and reviewing a different title each day in order to give you guys something different for this special time of year, and granted I get the DU Recorder app to Livestream correctly, I will have some Gameplay clips for you to check out.
Keep in mind though, due to these titles being a work-in-progress it means some will be rough as guts, and others will be a pleasant surprise. Either way it will be fun and a nice change from the usual console gaming that has captured most of my attention.

Tomorrow’s “Editorial From The Road” will be prepared in advance due to the fact I will be driving all day, and I’m pretty sure having my head in my phone could be a hazard right?
*Last Pirate* looks interesting so that will be the title of choice, so stay tuned and I will be back tomorrow with some clips and a full review.

Happy travels folks.

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